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Lena Suarez-Angelino

My name is Lena Suarez-Angelino and I am a licensed clinical social worker & empowerment coach. I am the owner of a private practice, providing psychotherapy and mental health counseling to residents of New Jersey & Florida.

Additionally, I am the founder and CEO of LIGHT Collective & Co. A community dedicated to helping you prioritize yourself, guilt free. As an empowerment coach I offer live and self-paced programs to help you overcome overwhelm, banish burnout & cultivate confidence.


Licensed clinical social worker providing psychotherapy to residents of NJ: FL


Presentations nationally and internationally on a variety of topics.


Providing Online encouragement and support accross the world


Contributing author choosing Therapy

What We do

The Crew


Group Coaching

You’ll join a growing community of people like you to feel inspired, motivated and supported in your journey of being self-first.

Private Sessions

Individual one-on-one support to receive direct feedback and accountability as you move through my coaching framework.


Designed to ignite the fire inside and begin to shine the LIGHT within. A combination of spirituality and strategy for total soul development.


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