Lena helps employees have open and honest conversations with their supervisors in a way that feels safe and empowering using practical tools and strategies.

Lena helps companies gain insight into what matters most to their employees and help to identify the most profitable and sustainable options available.

Lena Suarez-Angelino is an international English and Spanish mental health speaker, licensed therapist, author and corporate consultant. 

Lena is the owner of a private psychotherapy practice and founder of LIGHT Collective and Co. LIGHT serves as a reminder to let it go, here, today, empowering others to practice self-care guilt free. Lena has also authored Anger Management Workbook for Moms which can be found on Amazon. 

Lena is a graduate of Monmouth University and also spends her time as an Offsite Field Instructor and Field Liaison for Social Work students. 

What do Attendees
say about me?

“Lena made me feel more comfortable discussing mental health in the future.”


Person Centered Care Services

“I love how relatable and validating Lena was. She made me feel comfortable feeling human and acknowledging burnout.”

“The presentation was easy to follow and the video was so informative. Lena was very relatable and soothing.”

“It was really relaxing and made me feel good about myself! Lena’s voice was also so soothing and comforting – it made you feel like it is ok to take a breath and take a break!”

What Happens Next?

Every company has their own unique mission, values, and company culture. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that honors this.